Excited about echiums

Echiums fascinate me. Here are two that are about to burst into amazing color. You’ll have to wait for it… I haven’t noticed many of these around where I live. My sister, who lives nearer the coast in much more temperate conditions, has them everywhere and I decided to try them out. They need lots of space; the send up flower spires, in this case a beautiful blue colour.

Looking carefully I noticed the buds

Earlier this year I thought that I had lost them. This one looked dead, but then I noticed some tiny self sown ones coming up amid the weeds underneath. I carefully weeded and watered them. I tried transplanting some into pots but they got neglected and needed more attention than they got.

Hidden in the foliage
Won’t be long now

Below is a different variety. There are some seed pods from last year still attached. This year I will take some photos and try to work out what varieties I have.

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