World Photography Day

August 19th 2020

Today is #World Photography Day.

World Photography Day is an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography.

I started this blog to simply record what was happening in my life. As Covid intensified and my family became separated it was a way to keep in touch. I wanted to share what I was doing. I hadn’t thought about the process much. As I progress, I realise the power of an image. And it fascinates me.

I was planning to use my phone to take pictures and I have been impressed by the quality of the photos. However the day inevitably came when I dusted off the old camera (a DSLR not the one below!) and set about relearning how to use it. Now I’m hooked once again. I’m finding that the photos are dictating the direction of the blog. Once I have a good image, the rest just happens.

The younger generation continue to impress me. Electronic schooling, electronic games, electrionic music. They adapt so quickly to using technology and their creativity is boundless.

Home schooling took a tangent the other day. My grandson showed an interest in photography. Here he is discovering the wonders of how a camera actually works. I wonder what he’ll teach his grandchildren about, when he’s my age. What advances could there possibly be in the future? Mirrorless, intelligent cameras, more resolution, 3D, versatile lenses, drone mounts? Will the camera just be an app?The possibilites are endless.

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