More Elm Tree Nursery

More images from my visit to the Elm Tree Nursery.

This first one is of tee tree flowers, Leptospermum Scoparium. Close up the flowers are striking.

I loved the pink colour of these two daisies. Until I started to take photos of daisies, (I have lots!), I’d never taken any notice of how the centres of the flowers change as the pollen comes and goes. I’m still not sure whether the yellow pollen comes first and then, as time goes by, reveals the amazing blue color in the centre or whether the centres start off blue and the yellow pollen emerges as the flower develops.

This is a photo of one of the cactuses, or I should more correctly say cacti. It was tiny. I love looking closely at the patterns in all sorts of flowers.

This one is a mystery to me. But it really caught my eye as I wandered past.

A few people commented about the color of this plant as the sun came out and the light caught it. I didn’t really do it justice, but I still like the shot

More flowers from the Nursery tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “More Elm Tree Nursery

  1. So pretty! The Osteospermum daisies start out with blue buds, then the stamens/pollen emerge from the disc flowers in the center. (The petals are sterile ray flowers.)
    The red flower looks like a type of Salvia. And I love that starry cactus!


    1. Thank you. You solved my mystery. I’m trying to grow salvias as they can withstand the harsh climate. Next visit to the nursery I’ll try to at least get a cutting of the red and black salvia.

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