Down on the Farm

In all my posts so far I haven’t, to date, included any shots of the cows that also share the farm with us. So here are four

1. The Arty shot.

Subject : cow. Angle – hmmm

2. The cutesy shot.

Ohhh, so pretty

3. The colorful shot.

The lush green of the grass against the gum tree backdrop, not to mention the colorful cows.

4 The softer palette.

Love that the foreground is almost a match for the spotty featured cow.


In my last post I had a picture of thistles on my farm. Today I’ll have a closer look.

Thistles on the edge of the Lucerne patch

I guess they’re flowers. For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD)

The Back Lagoon

Anyone who is following my blog should realise that most of my photos are taken somewhere on my 80 acre farm. I am lucky to live is a unique wetland environment, in a very dry country. My farm is surrounded be waterways, either lagoons or channels. These pics were taken at the back of my farm directly adjacent to a lagoon.

The baby birds in the previous posts live in a tree down here. The thistles are weeds but quite picturesque.

At the moment pelicans and ducks seem to have taken up residence. Just around the corner I counted over 40 ibis.

Gum trees grow along the banks.

I couldn’t get any closer to this chap. He was watching me take photos from a distant tree.

It’s a totally isolated spot. No one else ventures here. There are some neighbours on the other side of the water. I love the peace and quiet. Even the weeds look picture perfect.

My beautiful weeds for Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD)

Fluffy young ones

I found these little ones hiding in a tree at the back of the farm. I think I surprised the two below. They didn’t seem to be fully awake for their photo!

They weren’t really energetic at all! They might not have seen a human before.

Missing the birds

Spring and summer was a wonderful time with so many birds nesting along the creek. Here are two that have had their young ones and left the nests.

Up close it doesn’t seem all that soft and comfortable.

A different nest with mum and dad deep in conversation