I’m back

I have missed my regular posting because I went off to a music festival and totally immersed myself with playing music. I was camping out for the best part of the week, The weather was amazingly unpredictable with searing heat, drenching downpours and finally cold-enough-to-get-the-blanket-out when the sun finally set. Threats of lightning and storms late one night, sent all scrambling to protect the instruments and equipment and even closed the stage up early. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time but my power to computer and phone ran out soon after I arrived and that was that. No more posts here for me. But, I’m back now and life is returning to routine.

This year, I hope to include a new style of pic for me, as I try my hand at capturing landscapes. Here’s the first. This is a ‘road’ that I can use to get between my new shop and where I live on the farm, a distance of 5 kilometres. It’s slower this way, and bumpier, but much more picturesque.

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