Learning about blogging

Look I actually created a blog and put up a post. I’m slow. It took me a very long time. I watched a useful free Udemy hour long course, Learn WordPress basics in One Hour. (Progress. I added a hyperlink!! Ok I got carried away and added two)

Now, look at my tomato. Nothing special, except it’s winter and it’s on this blog, in my second post. This morning I posted it as my first Instagram post! I’m want to link between FB, Instagram and this blog, but I’ve discovered it isn’t simple.

After I made this blog, I learnt that there is a big difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Apparently .com is an easier starter option, because it’s hosted by WordPress. It says it’s free. The very basic features are. However, I can see that it’s also very limited. I’m happy with what I’ve got so far. If I want to add fancy plug-ins, (look at my vocabulary expanding!) I can do it on either, but might be better off financially on .org. It also offers lots more flexibility in design choices.

I started with .com. I don’t know about changing over to .org. Can anyone help???

This morning when I logged in I noticed a WordPress annual bill for $60, waiting in my cart! Seems to still work though. But it’s great COVID entertainment at that price, $5 per month. The coffee shop’s closed anyhow.

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