Folding the Fat Quarters

It’s all happening. I have two time consuming projects on the go. One is learning to blog and the other is the BIG CLEANUP. Now that the grandkids are back at school and I’ve stopped home schooling, I have no excuse.

My blogging skills are developing. Today I changed my template to allow me to show my posts on the home page. Yes, I know, they’re not there yet, but look again tomorrow!!! It does mean messing things around a bit, so stay with me. I made a few brief new posts to play with. I learnt to reorder posts, so I have more control.

I have a follower!!! I’d love some more (hint, hint). The FOLLOW button is now displayed more prominently. My new challenge is to find a quicker way to get to get my photos from my phone to here. I’ll work on it. Back to today’s post.

My attic studio has, I admit, been neglected for years. Fabric piled up in heaps wherever it landed. As a doll maker I have stored everything useful from fabric, doll hair, eyes, eyelashes, buttons, cottons etc. I save everything. Some may say compulsive. There was some vague order, but…..

Sorting and Storing the Stash

I’ve decided to start the clean up by sorting my fabric stash. After some experimentation and lots of mess I have a new system. Firstly I’ve sorted fabric by type, chiffon, velvet, cotton, fur etc into groups. Then the fun started. I’d all but put my iron and ironing board into moth balls years ago. I dragged it all upstairs and started to iron maniacally. But I was disappointed after trying to put it back into the cupboard drawers. It still ended up being a crumpled mess. Now, I think I’ve found a solution. I’ve started with the cottons. I sorted it into sizes as I ironed. I bought office filing cards in two sizes and wound the strips, fat quarters, and other lengths around the different cards. It stays firm and I can see all the different colours more easily.

I could take another studio photo… but I I’ve only made a miniscule difference so far.

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