Home schooling on the farm

Two grandsons, aged 12 and 10. Six more weeks compulsory home schooling at home on the farm. Two questions. What lessons should they be learning? What lessons could they be learning? What a difference a few letters make.

The local school provides basic guidance in Literacy and Maths and provides worksheets and online exercises, but there is so much more that they learn by being at home on the farm. The oldest was up quite early, made himself breakfast and needed no help to complete all his work. It was heartening to watch the youngest sit himself at the computer, configure it so he could complete all the school requirements, personalise it so he was pleased with the appearance and get on with his work. He was organised and had his user names and passwords stored in his diary. He attacked his set work enthusiastically and had it all completed before lunch. He hopped on the treadmill and did a few kilometres also before lunch. After lunch they were free to follow their own interests. They have matured so much since Covid lockdowns began.

Hopefully, the boys will be able to learn lots of life lessons in self-sufficiency; everything from organisation, self reliance, cooking, planning, using machinery, practical maths, farming and especially gardening.

Lovely lawn

Meanwhile, I’ve got some other help. These young cattle have done an amazing job ‘mowing’ my lawn. They have the job of keeping the laneways in good shape. It certainly is much easier for me than using the mower.

A little curious

2 thoughts on “Home schooling on the farm

  1. I went to college to complete what I had started. I became a teacher after many jobs because I realized I was given a gift of teaching, then saw all the developing problems in education. So, we felt, we had a duty to do all we could. **Here’s the point for your cool article. I taught at summer camps (Horseback riding and crafts) and saw how easy it was to teach young people. They learned so much in those classes. Real life learning.


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