Judas Tree

(Cercis siliquastrum)

One of the wonders of Spring at my place is the sudden transformation of this tree. This strange Judas tree has masses of amazing purple – pink flowers in Spring. The flowers appear before the leaves. They seem to just appear overnight. I’m waiting.

It’s been dwarfed by the surrounding trees, a Gum tree and a Callistemon. Perhaps that’s why its not doing as well as it was. The seeds pods stay on the tree over winter. The are quite eye catching in themselves. The birds love them. Large parrots visit each year, only for a few weeks and then disappear again. I can see the tree, through the window, from my bed and enjoy watching my visitors.

With so many seed pods, I’d expect that maybe it might be an easy tree to propagate. I’ve had no luck. Some of the pods do drop, but they seem reluctant to start growing. I have waited while tiny little shoots under the tree, start to look like they’re tough enough and tried to transplant them. They do not seem to like being moved and struggle along for a while. I think I have got some of them to 30 cm but just can’t get them to keep going.

My tree must be old. It was planted before we bought the farm. It is ‘on its last legs’ I fear. We’ve had to cut some of it back. Hopefully it will continue on for a while yet.

I’ll have another go at growing some seed, maybe tomorrow…

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