Storm Out My Window

For Sunday Stills : What can you see from your window?

I glanced out the upstairs studio window and grabbed the iphone in excitement. There was a storm coming. There might be a drop or two on the window.

There was a sudden darkening of the sky and the colours were all changing. No post-photo adjustment to the photo here.

Then the sun peeked through the cloud and lit up a patch of reeds beside the water. I love how the colour changed, (without resorting to after photo fiddling with the colours.) Isn’t sunlight amazing…

9 thoughts on “Storm Out My Window

      1. We get lots of skies like that which produce no rain, yet just down the road, it’s pouring down. I’ve also travelled across roads where one side has snow, and the other doesn’t. I guess it’s like crossing over a timezone.


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