Met this chap on the road as I was driving home from the bus stop with my grandson, aged 10. I was teaching him how to use the camera with the BIG lens. He was in the front seat had it balanced on the window ledge. He was enjoying taking pictures of the ducks on the lagoon and really enjoying taking pics of the neighbour’s chickens as we went by. I told him to keep a lookout for interesting shots and I couldn’t believe my eyes when we came across this goanna. By the time I slowed and stopped the car the goanna was taking off back into the bushes. I managed to grab the camera and take a shot through the windscreen, but he was too quick and it was a very awkward angle. To tell the truth, I was hesitant to get out of the car in case this rather large creature came towards me rather than moving off! The other pics were too blurry. Now I know where he is, I’ll keep looking hoping to get some more shots.

2 thoughts on “Goanna

  1. Its so nice for you to pass the photography bug and love of the creatures around you onto your grandson. Your photo of the goanna is quite artistic. I’m thinking you should play around with a copy on your photoshop program.


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