Orb Weaver – Trichonephila (family Araneidae)

My next door neighbour told me about a huge spider in his yard and of course I just had to go see it. It’s web was amazing stretching out up to 3 metres. It was attached to the door of a wrecked car. To take these photos I scrambled in through the passenger side door and climbed over into the passenger seat. I took some blurred photos through the window, but I wasn’t happy with those. Then, I very gently lowered the window. The web stayed intact and I got these close ups through the open window, always keeping a look out in case it had friends lurking about inside the wreck. I was very uncomfortable so close to the spider.

I posted the photo to a web site and it was identified for me, It was apparently discovered by a Frederich Dahl in 1911.

I’m wondering if the last photo shows its eggs being stored in the web for later on.

2 thoughts on “Orb Weaver – Trichonephila (family Araneidae)

  1. Very brave of you Glenys. I wonder if the thing in the middle of the web maybe the spiders larder? However as interesting and as good as the photos are I prefer the pretty ones.

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