Along the creek

Today began with amazing clear skies and the promise that Spring was on its way. However, that was short lived. The clouds came over and the rain began. Again. It’s raining now. Again. Very unusual for here. So I had to look back a few days to find a photo or two. None taken today.

Years ago, I had a rambly rose that needed to be removed. So it was. But I couldn’t just destroy it. It was removed to the water’s edge. It stunned me as I wandered past with a single red bloom. In such depressing weather it is a ray of sunshine. I also noticed a very shy dove hiding in a tree nearby. I think it was very cold, too.

2 thoughts on “Along the creek

    1. I’ve been so busy I’m exhausted by evening when I usually sit down to post. Hopefully my short term job will ease up, g’kids can go back to school and I’ll only have building renos to keep my occupied!!


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