Out of Lockdown: Day 2

I think I’m inventing a new calendar. My mood swings with the limitations or lack of them in my life. Today the sun came out, finally. I won’t get ahead of myself because more rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow. My goal today was to attack my raspberry patch and cut them back. Goal achieved, but maybe the raspberries were cut back too hard. The sun came out and it felt like Spring. Lots of reasons to feel great today. Looking forward with hope.

I took this picture a week ago when the sun’s rays glimmered out from behind a cloud, spotlighting the reeds. My day in an image.

One thought on “Sunshine

  1. Yes it was nice to feel the sun on my body yesterday after being under a cloudy sky. At least COVID restrictions have lifted for who knows when. May its time to have a music session to cheer us up! Keep smiling.


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