My place

We have a lagoon out front. The water level has fluctuated because the water is used for irrigation. In winter it was dropped, but it has now been raised again ready for a thirsty summer. There are some little pools that have been replenished. The birds, seem to especially enjoy them. The fish must get caught up. I noticed swans and pelicans sharing yesterday, but was too slow with the camera.

I’m so excited. Last year I followed some darters as nested by the edge of the creek and raised their babies. They’re back! At least some darters have been contructing nests in roughly the same place. There are at least two nests. They may or may not be the same birds. I’m reluctant to take photos yet because I don’t want to disturb them. I’ll wait until they setttle in.

4 thoughts on “My place

  1. Glenys, go for a drive to Gum Lagoon. Go left onto Thompson’s Bridge road and pull over onto the side of the road just before you get to Gum Lagoon road and you might catch sight of a pair of Black Swans feeding on the sandhill on the other side of the lagoon with their brood of chicks.

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